Love for Gabi

June is the month of Batten disease awareness, so to raise it I’ve made Facebook campaign for Gabi. Sending love from all around the world. You can’t cure this terrible disease, you can’t help her, you can’t give her childhood back or give her chance to live a normal life, but only thing you can do is send positive vibes and love and live day by day trying to make the most of it. So send love to her💖



















We had a rough few days.  Gabi with cold, then I got the cold and Vigo got cold and I could count nights of non sleeping.

Then in Friday, my hubby had a car accident. Taxi driver drove thought red light and my hubby crashed into it. Thank God he is alright, which I can’t say about the car. Being without car with toddler and child with disabilities is living nightmare.

So, goodbye sweet Toyota.

But, I decided that I am gonna write about something else.
Last night, hubby and I decided to relax and watch a movie. My choice was “Arrival” since I have heard so much good critics about it.
I can only say, I had “wow” moment.
The moment when Luiza (main character) knew future and that she will have a daughter who will die in childhood due rare disease she has, and still, she decided to do everything same as she done, which means going through enormous pain of loosing a child, I had “wow” moment. 
It is exactly how I feel. It is what life really is. 
This disease will take my daughter sooner then it should. It will leave me childless and in enormous pain, but if I knew everything before, I would do everything the same way I did. I would have her.
I would go through all the pain, just to have this experience with her. Just to hold her, kiss her, hug her, hear her laugh, touch her and smell her. All the memories we have together and every day I have privilege to be hers mommy, it counts, it worths.
These are the things that life is made of. These are the things which makes life worth of living. There is no disease and there is no death which could take away this things. Love is eternal.


This is my first :)

Hi everyone.

This is me trying to live normal life with not so normal circumstances.

I am just ordinary 29 year old girl, who lives in Croatia, Europe with my hubby and two kids.

My son Vigo is 21 moths old little toddler, pure energy bomb and you will hear a lot of him 🙂

My daughter Gabriela is 7 years old little girl, who suffers from terminal neurodegenerative disease called Batten’s disease. She is ours bright star who made our lives everything but ordinary. She made us do everything possible and impossible and impact our lives in ways that are hard to explain, but I will try 🙂

Besides that, we love to travel, we love to cook and eat good food, we love to explore new things, listen a good music and survive everyday challenges.

You would all find it here and I hope you would enjoy 🙂

My first picture to post will be from our trip to Rovaniemi, Finland, Santa Clause Village, where we went to make my daughter’s wish come true, to meet real Santa.
So if you did’t believe that real Santa exists, you are wrong, Gabi would tell you 🙂