About me

My story short

Hi, my name is Sara. I am from Croatia, Europe, but I am living in Hamburg, Germany. I am mom of two and third on her way (yeah, it’s baby girls).

My daughter Gabriela is 7 and half years old and she suffers from fatal neurodegenerative disease, called Batten’s disease. You will hear a lot about it in my personal site.

My son Vigo is 2y old, beautiful and healthy toddler.

Baby girl Mara is on her way. We are expecting her in November, 2017 🙂 Raising kids is one of mine specialities 🙂


Who I am

That’s hard one.

I am definitely  a mom, a wife and for now housewife.

I have also master degree in business and economics, I used to be entrepreneur and politician, but life works in mysterious way, so now I am mom, blog writer, CEO of Batten’s disease association Croatia and advocate for Battens disease.