Solo trip with kids


I did it. First of all, look at this picture. This are the stuff for me, my 2y son and 7y daughter for three weeks.

I know, I can’t believe it is possible also, but I did it.

Yesterday I traveled with my two kids alone to Croatia. We traveled by plain because it is faster and easier for us. I couldn’t take many bags with me because I was alone and pushing two buggies and one bag, while being 5 months pregnant, was already too much. So I did it. I packed everything in one bag. Luckily it is summer and we will spend most time on the beach wearing beach clothes, made everything easier but still… while I was living in Croatia and first beach was only 2 hours drive away, I would bring as much as it could fit in my car and since I’ve gave birth to my first, I’ve always drove minivans. Gabi’s first summer, my car was full and I mean full to the top. She was still baby, so I’ve took  two pushchairs, one for beach and one for city walks, I’ve took feeding chair, chair for playing, mini bike, etc. Talking about craziness.

Next year the same. She had two bycicls in the car,one baby skate, lots of beach equipment and also pushchair in case she gets tired.

It was happening every year.

When my son was born, it was same, just little less stuff for both of them because we needed to share space. When Gabi stopped walking, we had two buggies in that car so we had a little less space again.

And this year, when I need to travel thousands kilometers, I am carrying only one bag and I am fine with it. Everyone has everday outfits for seven days and by the end of the week, I will wash everything and we will repeat our outfits. Kids have one extra for accidents and I am counting that they will spend a lot of time in the beach without wearing anything so that we will be good. It is a plan and I will let you know was it successfull.

We are now enjoying our first day on holidays 🙂

P.S. Trip went well and if you have insensitive kids like me, they will watch Poyoco and Peppa cartoons while you can trow up as long as you want ( oh yeah, being pregnant and end up in turbulence is not good combination).


Author: sarabajlo

Balkanska mama koja obitava trenutno na Zapadu. Mama djevojčice oboljele od rijetke bolesti, dječaka oboljelog od dječjih mušica u glavi i buduća mama jedne male Mare koja još ne zna što ju sve čeka.

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