Love for Gabi

June is the month of Batten disease awareness, so to raise it I’ve made Facebook campaign for Gabi. Sending love from all around the world. You can’t cure this terrible disease, you can’t help her, you can’t give her childhood back or give her chance to live a normal life, but only thing you can do is send positive vibes and love and live day by day trying to make the most of it. So send love to her💖

















Author: sarabajlo

Hi, my name is Sara. I am from Croatia, Europe, but I am living in Hamburg, Germany. I am mom of two and third on her way (yeah, it's baby girls ). My daughter Gabriela is 7 and half years old and she suffers from fatal neurodegenerative disease, called Batten's disease. You will hear a lot about it in my personal site. My son Vigo is 2y old, beautiful and healthy toddler. Baby girl Mara is on her way. We are expecting her in November, 2017 :) Raising kids is one of mine specialities :)

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